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Question 1 - 1. Explain the emergence of modern...

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1. Explain the emergence of modern international relations in terms of units, interaction capacity, process, and structure. What core factors distinguish modern from premodern international relations? Units States are the main units The modern state emerged because it was advantageous It provided a secure environment, lower transaction costs, standardized taxes, provided defense, and ensured compliance The key synthesis in the modern state is that capital holders provide financial resources for the state, while the holders of coercion allow capital a significant role in government The global dominance of the modern state can be attributed to its ability to mobilize the potential of populations o This made for high effectiveness in both war and economics The modern state also had clearly marked boundaries and all were “like” units acting in the anarchic international system o There is no structural or functional differentiation among states like there were in Empires which dominated over their differentiated units Non-state units, such as firms (banks, charter companies, trade diasporas) and INGOs also act under the state and play an important role in world politics Interaction Capacity Increased physical technologies were well underway in pre-international systems o Seagoing sailing ships, improved navigation techniques The modern international system saw improvements in physical technologies o This allowed for the development and propagation of the modern state as the dominant unit and a shift from a world of multiple international systems to a single, global international system
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Question 1 - 1. Explain the emergence of modern...

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