Calorimetry - Andy Lindberg Acl07 Calorimetry Experiment...

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Andy Lindberg Acl07 Calorimetry Experiment Course: 1045L Section 23 Date Performed: 10/17/07 Date turned in: 10/24/07 TA: Rabih Makki
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Purpose: One of the main purposes of this lab is to get more acquainted using Hess’s law and understanding the process of calorimetry. The main purpose however is to determine change in heat for a reaction when no heat can get in or get out. We were also supposed to observe how the heat changes when you put something hot into something colder. And from that observation calculate the specific heat of the cup in which the reaction was taking place. All in all the main purpose is to understand the enthalpy of reaction. Procedure: We followed the procedure exactly as it was stated in the lab manual and no changes were made to it. Dillon, Stephanie. “Calorimetry.” CHM1045L Online Manual . Fall 2006. 10 October 2007. Part A Volume  Cold Water 50mL  Temp Cold  Water 20 C  Volume Hot  Water 50mL  Temp Hot  Water 58 C  Part A Mass of cold water  50g     Tf from graph by  extrapolation  35 C   DTHW for hot water -23 C   DTCW for cold water 15 C   qHW or hot water -4811.6J   qCW for cold water 3138J   qCal for the cup -7949J.6   Ccup for the cup  -529.9J    
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Calorimetry - Andy Lindberg Acl07 Calorimetry Experiment...

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