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Greg Sullivan FS Peace and Justice 28th November 2007 Prof. Cernosia A Modern Day Dorothy Day Having a mother is something very special. Having a mother who can love you, your family, and still show her love to others is something incredible. This is the story of my mother, a peacemaker, role model and to me so much more. For years my mom has done things not only to better our family and loved ones, she has helped our community become a better place with efforts to make the world more enjoyable little by little. My mother has used her peacemaking as a deed that has passed through her childhood, into her adult life where she has demonstrated many acts of peace that have affected and shaped me into who I am today. All peacemaking stems from our idea of Head, Heart and Hand. My mother’s imagination and love, depth of knowledge, and willingness to act on her ideas, has put her at the top of list of peacemakers that I know. Very much like Dorothy Day, my mother has shed light throughout her whole life on many with her efforts for peace. “She was always trying to reach others to encourage them to do a stint of work on behalf of the needy” (Coles, 1987 p. 112) My mothers imagination, love and care that she owns as a person, has come from experiences in her early childhood, and experiences with her family. From these events came her origins of peacemaking that to this day are in affect. Katherine Mary McNulty Sullivan was born on November 15 th 1969 in New Haven, CT. She was the third oldest in a family of four girl and one boy. Growing up as a child my mom was very close with her
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family, especially her two younger siblings, Maggie and Bobby. Quite the contrary to Dorothy Day who tells little about her experiences as a child. As a child my mother recounts being the “mediator” of the two younger children. Also, she always made herself available for either of the two younger siblings. Maggie and Bobby both knew whenever they had to talk about something important to go to my mom. They were able to talk to her and know that what ever the situation, they would get a response or advice without ever passing judgment between each other. Early signs of a peaceful heart emerged greatly in the seventh grade. My mother attended the grammar school St. John’s,
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Dorothy Day Paper - Greg Sullivan FS Peace and Justice 28th...

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