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Lab 8Questions - Why or Why not? Activity 4 Renaming...

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Lab 8 – Centos 5 OS load Lab Report Student Name: Brandon Howard Due: online beginning of Lab 9 Each question is worth 10 points. Activity 3 Questions: 1. The option screen shows up during the boot process. What is the default OS? Windows 2000. 2. What is the time out period set to before the default is taken? 30 Seconds. 3. What are the choices for booting? Redhat Linux, Windows 2000, Windows XP no patch, Windows XP SP2, and Safe Mode. 4. Where does this information come from? The different partitions on the hard drive. 5. Is there a limit on the number of operating systems you could boot from using this process?
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Unformatted text preview: Why or Why not? Activity 4 Renaming linux.bin Questions: 1. When you renamed linux.bin and rebooted the machine, what error message did you get? 2. After you modified the boot.ini to reflect the new linux.bin file name, does it fix the problem or do you still receive an error? Yes, it did fix the problem. Activity 5 Questions corrupting the boot.ini: 1. When you renamed the boot.ini were you able to load Windows? Why or Why not? 2. With the boot.ini file still renamed, are you able to load Linux? Why or Why not? 3. Does renaming the file back fix the issue?...
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This lab report was uploaded on 04/21/2008 for the course IT 101 taught by Professor Watt during the Fall '07 term at RIT.

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Lab 8Questions - Why or Why not? Activity 4 Renaming...

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