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Brandon Howard Cyber Self Defense 3/23/07 Lab #1 Activity 1 An attacker could exploit and alter your host file in multiple ways. One way would be by directly logging onto your computer and changing the contents of the host file. Another would be by exploiting a weakness found through say packet sniffing. One way to protect from this would be to use a password to secure your computer and log off every time you walk away so that no one else can access it. Another way to protect yourself would be to check what files are being opened in your browser. Activity 2 A legitimate use of packet sniffing on a network would be for security issues or for
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Unformatted text preview: monitoring the network. You could check how vulnerable your machines are by packet sniffing them. Activity 3 You can find the origin of a spoofed email often by checking the history included in the email and tracing all the hops it has taken back to the original place it was sent from. If the history is not included in the email or you cannot see it. Check the ASCII file as it has the original email in it. Activity 4 Encryption in a chat is used for privacy. If one were to chat unencrypted on a network or the Internet anyone with the technology to scan the network could read that individuals conversation....
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