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Homework #1

Homework #1 - Homework 1 PC Components Motherboards CPUs...

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Homework 1 – PC Components, Motherboards, CPUs and Memory Student Name: Brandon Howard Due: online at beginning of week 3 lecture Assignment: Use this document as a template. Answer questions completely and these questions may appear on exams or quizzes. Each question is worth 20 points. 1. When discussing Central Processing Units (CPU’s), there are many different kinds and buzzwords. Define the difference between Single Core, Dual-Core and Dual Processor CPU’s and/or system. Single core is a chip with one processing unit. Dual core is a chip with two processing units that work simultaneously. Quad core is the same concept, only with four processing units. However dual processor is a computer with two independent CPU chips instead of one chip with two processing units. 2. CPU’s are the brains of the computer and work closely with the motherboard. When deciding on the correct CPU, you need to take into account what the motherboard can handle as a maximum, and the specifications of the CPU, as the following example depicts. Describe, in user friendly language, what these terms mean in the table and why they are important. Model ADA3400DAA4BY CPU Socket Type Socket 939 Multi-Core Single-Core Name Athlon 64 3400+ Operating Frequency 2.2GHz HT 1600MHz L1 Cache 64KB+64KB
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L2 Cache 512KB Process Type 90 nm Hyper-Transport Support Yes Virtualization Technology Support No Multimedia Instruction MMX, SSE, SSE2, SSE3, 3DNOW!  Professional Do not use the example specifications above as you fill in the table! Specification Definition (what it means) Why it is important CPU Socket Type A receptacle for a CPU chip Holds your CPU chip which is a key component of the computer, can vary depending on the motherboard Multi-Core Two execution cores, or four, in one processor
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