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Lab 7Questions - Lab 7 Windows 2000 OS Load Lab Report...

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Lab 7 – Windows 2000 OS Load Lab Report Student Name: Brandon Howard Due: online beginning of Lab 8 Each question is worth 5 points. Activity 1 Questions: 1. Where in Windows can you set the default Operating system to startup and the time before the default OS is chosen? You can change these options by right clicking on My Computer and selecting properties, then advanced settings, then settings under Startup and Recovery. At this point you can change the default OS and how long the OS selection screen will stay on the screen before booting. 2. Why do we partition the hard drive and how can you determine the correct size to make the partition? We partition so that we can create multiple file systems, of the same type or different types, on the same hard disk, and so that we can have the option of booting multiple operating systems. Determining the size of each partition depends on what operating system you may be putting on it and also how many different partitions you are making. 3. What key can you press to enter into the various Window OS options (example Safe Mode, Normal, etc)? You can press the F8 key to enter into the Windows OS options screen. 4. What is the difference between NTFS and FAT? Which is better for data sharing and which is better for security? NTFS is a file system that is geared towards large storage and security as it has much larger volume size and features like built in features like security and recoverability options. FAT is better for data sharing as it is
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This lab report was uploaded on 04/21/2008 for the course IT 101 taught by Professor Watt during the Fall '07 term at RIT.

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Lab 7Questions - Lab 7 Windows 2000 OS Load Lab Report...

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