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Lab 9Questions - Lab 9 Sound and Network Cards Lab Report...

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Lab 9 – Sound and Network Cards Lab Report Student Name: Brandon Howard Due: online beginning of Lab 10 (practical) Overview: As you have completed the lab, you have seen how sound cards work, how network cards work at a basic level and some troubleshooting steps. Each of these questions will reinforce your understanding and provide you with additional learning opportunities. This should be used as a template and all answers should be placed below the question. Each question is worth 10 points. Activity 1 – Sound Cards 1. Scenario: 2 people decide to create an mp3 file from the same audio file. They both create the mp3 file using 320 kbps. Their hardware and the software used to create the file are NOT the same. The users listen to their version of the mp3 file and then swap with the other person. When played, they notice the files sound different. What could cause this? Provide a hardware and software answer in your response. There is a large loss of quality when compressing audio files. Due to the fact that they used different software their losses of quality could be in completely different parts of their mp3 file. On top of this if the hardware they used is different this could also vary the parts in which each user lost quality during compression. 2. As we have learned in lecture and through the lab exercise, when an mp3 file is created, it compresses the original cd audio file and creates a “near CD quality” file. If we convert the mp3 file back to an audio file, will it match the original? Why or why not? If an audio file is compressed and then expanded again it will not exactly match the original because when it is expanded again the file is extrapolated off of the mp3 file and its sounds meaning that the expanded file will be based off of the compressed version of the audio file and not
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Lab 9Questions - Lab 9 Sound and Network Cards Lab Report...

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