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Lab#4WriteUp - Brandon Howard Cyber Self Defense Lab#4...

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Brandon Howard Cyber Self Defense 4/19/07 Lab #4 Write Up 1. Podcasts - Listen to one of the following podcasts about virtualization and write a 300 word essay about how you might see virtualization benefiting your online experience. Please be specific in your description of how you would be effected. The podcast I listened to talked mostly of the popular versions of virtualization software today. According to the podcast VMWare and Virtual PC are the two most popular programs for running virtualization. Although there are many similar types of virtualization software on the market today, it is Virtual PC and VMWare’s differences that set them apart from the rest. When it comes to using the Internet, virtualization is one of the safest ways to surf without having to worry about malware or other attacks. The reason using virtualization to surf the web is so safe is because you are running an emulation, not your actually PC and its software. In the event that an attack does occur recovery is as easy as ending
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