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Brandon Howard Cyber Self Defense 3/27/07 Homework 1: Reconnaissance 1. I chose Ford Motor Company as my organization to research. I found their information on Board of Directors, Officers, and Contact Information by accessing their website. I found a satellite plant in Tulsa, Oklahoma by searching on Google maps. a. If a person were able to contact one of the Board of Directors through email they could attack with malware or spyware b. If there was a small office that was a remote location with weaker security an attacker could access a main network by hacking first into the remote location. 2. Even with refining my search techniques I got a large number of hits on my name. a. With refinements to my search I got over 10, 000 hits for my name. b. Few of them were a surprise to me because I have done this before, but I did find some new ones. c. I only found 2 links out of the 200+ ones I reviewed that were pertaining
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Unformatted text preview: to me. 3. I used a. I used the WHOIS search to find the domain administrator for . b. I got the domain registrant, domain name, administrative contact, technical contact, and the date the domain was created on. Here is the link: c. This information could be very valuable to an attacker as it has email addresses in it. 4. I looked at the HTML for Ford’s website. It was made using some type of Flash editor, using mostly javacript and VBSscript. a. I used the View -> Source option in my Safari browser. b. I was able to gain a lot of information about the structure of their site. c. An attacker could use this to attack a companies website if they knew how to access it....
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