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MDVL 1450 M 3:00pm-5:15pm Assignment 1 What are some of the faults of the Roman people according to Ammianus Marcellinus? The Roman People are arrogant and righteous. Even when they complete a small task they act as if they have done something great. What is the difference between orthodoxy and heresy? Orthodoxy simply means practicing religion in a proper manner versus heresy which means practicing religion in any other manner. What did Emperor Constantine I see which caused him to give more attention to the Christian religion? Emperor Constantine first saw that his enemies whom were mighty and powerful furiously worshipped a god and Constantine saw that his own nation lacked what they
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Unformatted text preview: had. He had a vision of Jesus on the cross, which he saw as a sign to convert to Christianity. What is considered the Roman peace (Pax Romana) and what are the dates for this time period? The Pax Romana is a period of long peace in the Roman empire which was initiated by Julius Caesar from 27BC to 180AD Essay: The Edict of Milan was not an actual government mandate but rather a letter to a Roman governor. The idea behind the edict was to promote religious tolerance across all of Rome. The edict would remove all obstacles to the practice of Christianity and declare Rome a neutral religious state....
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