Activities For The Letter M

Activities For The Letter M - Activities For The Letter M...

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Activities For The Letter M Tactile Introduction of M: 1. Give each student a sandpaper cutout of both uppercase and lowercase m. Have them trace it with their fingers. 2. Students will work in groups of 4 on mouse puzzles. Sound Sorting: 1. Give each student a handful of elbow macaroni and a cleaned out milk carton. a. The teacher will read off words from a list, and students will put one piece of macaroni in their cartons for each word that starts with the letter m. b. When the activity is complete, students will use the macaroni in their milk cartons to make macaroni pictures of the letter m by gluing the macaroni onto construction paper in the shape of the letter m. 2. Play the Monster Parts of Speech board game Oral Language: 1. Tongue twisters: practice a few “m” tongue twisters in class, then have each student write their own. Students will then teach their tongue twisters to the class. (Give sample form for students’ tongue twisters) Cooking and Tasting: 1. The students will learn about cooking by baking different types of muffins. a. Ask students what their favorite type of muffin is out of the three available, and separate them into groups accordingly. Try to allow even groups. b. Using parent helpers, have each group make enough muffins for the entire class to have one. c. Once the muffins are made: i. Have the students do a taste test. (You could split the students into three groups without telling them what the different types of muffins are, and then let them taste each other’s and guess what flavors the other groups made) ii. Discuss how the different types of muffins are alike, and how they are different (taste, color, texture…). Use this to introduce Venn Diagrams. iii. (Include recipes for banana nut, blueberry, and apple oatmeal) Mini Field Trips: 1. Mail room, mall, morgue, movie theatre, museum. Interviews: 1. Mail man, mayor, mechanic ( include sample questions) Literature and Writing: 1. Mysteries: As a class, we will read a book from MYSTERY SERIES. As we read the book, students will make predictions on what they think will happen next. When
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the book is finished, students will, as a class, write a mystery story of their own. The
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Activities For The Letter M - Activities For The Letter M...

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