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Integradted Language Arts and Dance Lesson Plan (Second Grade) Two-Pronged Focus : (1) Emotions related to the book “Be Good To Eddie Lee” and (2) dance and movement strategies Student Objectives: Students should be able to: 1. Show dance phrases that express Eddie Lee’s actions towards Jimbud and Christy. 2. Express, through movement, the changes in Christy’s attitude towards Christy. 3. Stay focused on the task at hand Teaching Procedure 1. Introduction: The teacher will: Gather the students into the back of the room and have them sit on the sharing circle. Ask if any of them have ever been made fun of, and how that made them feel. 2. Development: Read the book “Be Good to Eddie Lee” aloud and ask students how Eddie Lee,
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Unformatted text preview: JimBud, and Christy felt throughout the story. To get them thinking about dance moves, ask students to stand up and show with their bodies the emotions felt by the characters in the story. Separate students into four groups. Each group will be asked to come up with dance movements that represent a particular character or theme from the book. One group will be Christy, one group will be JimBud, one group will be Eddie Lee, and the last group will be asked to show the change in Christy’s attitude toward Eddie Lee. 3. Conclusion: Have each group perform their dance for the whole class. Other groups give the performing group constructive criticism, as well as guess about what each dance move represents....
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