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Journal 1 - • Unsure about his academic ability he may be...

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Landon: Lyle ADD o Bright student o Doesn’t have trouble reading o Excellent speller- can sound out words, makes mistakes every once in a while, but can fix them if I say the word a few times. He takes what he knows and tries different combinations of letters that make the same sound until he gets the correct spelling. o Friendly o Funny o Gets along with others o Strategies Dani: Dawn Odd as hell Smart, but has a hard time spelling Doesn’t have any friends within the classroom Often the butt of the student’s jokes Would rather tell her stories than worry about how they’re spelled Has difficulty reading- when she comes to a word she doesn’t know, she will replace it with another word. Strategies? Ritchie: Rian Quiet- don’t really know a lot about him. Can omit. Alex: Allen he has a lot of behavioral issues
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Unformatted text preview: • Unsure about his academic ability: he may be capable of doing the work, but he is unable to concentrate. Example: sitting in the carousel with him, working on test prep. He hadn’t read the passage, so we had to read it. I told him we could alternate reading due to time constraints. He rushed through his reading, and then was more concerned with the giant screw in the side of the carousel. • Strategies? Diana: Debbie • Omit Austin: Andrew • Plenty-o-behavioral problems • Very creative- disturbing • Has a lot of problems paying attention. • I am unsure of his academic ability. Mostly because he refuses to do any work. When I work with him, all he does is tell me story after story about subject. His stories are very detailed and created....
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