Japanese Noh Drama

Japanese Noh Drama - Japanese Noh Drama: Matsukazi...

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Unformatted text preview: Japanese Noh Drama: Matsukazi 21/04/2008 15:51:00 What is Noh Drama? Started during the 14 thC to 17thC by the Shogun class and derived from an older form of theatre. The Shogun class was the upper class during this period. They provided funding and such for performance troops. The writer of the plays would have been the leader of the Noh troop. The theatre troops worked as a group and Noh acting traditions were passed down through generations. One would be born into it. o One would start training at 5 years of age. And would continue for the rest of their life. One never stops training. There are 5 major Noh troops today, 4 of which can trace their lineage beck to Kanamis time. This lineage is guarded though secret teachings restricted to a chosen few (those in the Noh families). Noh Plays are worked over for years as a collective group. No authorship is given immediately. o An extremely literary tradition that uses dense poetry and dense images (eg pine= longing + tree) o There is reference to other poems which would have been known by the high class audience. Something memorized at school. (the first line would automatically trigger the rest of it in the educated viewers) o These poems were meant to evoke mood....
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Japanese Noh Drama - Japanese Noh Drama: Matsukazi...

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