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Philosophy Exam 2 Long Answer

Philosophy Exam 2 Long Answer - Part 3 1 Give an account of...

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Part 3 1. Give an account of the reasoning by which making a false promise is precluded by the first formulation of the categorical imperative. Give an account of the reasoning under the second formulation. a. Making a false promise goes against or is precluded by the strict consideration of duty onto others, which states: don’t falsely promise. b. Under the Categorical Imperative of the second formulation which states: act such that all rational beings are respected as ends in themselves. Kant notes that you do not think of yourself as a means to some other purpose, you think of yourself as the purpose or end to which all your actions are directed. If you expect others to accept your motives, you must respect the fat that other people also think of themselves as more than mere means to other goals. Thus your motive will lack universal validity unless you respect the fact that all rational beings have intrinsic worth, just as you do. 2. Kant claims in the essay “On the Supposed Right to Lie” that one should not lie to a murderer about whether someone he is seeking is at your house. Construct a debate between a Kantian and
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