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SWPT notes april 17

SWPT notes april 17 - Survey of Western Political Thought...

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Survey of Western Political Thought April 17, 2008 The Modern Classical Liberalism (Hobbes, Locke, Mill) -an ethical emphasis on the individual as a rights-bearer prior to the existence of any state, community, or society -the support of the right of property carried to its economic conclusion, a free-market system -the desire for a limited constitutional government to protect individuals’ rights from others and from its own expansion -the universal (global and ahistorical) applicability of these convictions. Hobbes -the law of nature, natural law (reason) -all things want to survive -animals only survive based on instinct -can do anything to maintain your right to live -premise of what life is: war of all against all -why do we leave state of nature? -protect us from/avoid violent death -humans are savages -wants our government to use force Locke -no one has inherent dominion over anybody else -you have no right to control somebody else’s life -there are limits to what you can do to save your life
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