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ESSPracticalStudyGuide - ESS Practical Thing Rock Picture...

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Unformatted text preview: ESS Practical Thing Rock Picture Description Evaporite Sedimentary Chemical Arid Regions: Once had water, exp Lakes, Caves Metamorphic Foliated High Grade Gneiss?? Metamorphic Foliated High Grade Gneiss Sedimentary Compaction Well Sorted Deposited on Land?? Sedimentary Clastic Shale­carbonization used to fossilize plant Cementing Agent­Silt/Clays/Silica/Iron Oxide/Calcite Well Sorted Undisturbed areas of water where mud begins to settle Sedimentary Clastic Cementing Agent=Clays? Poorly Sorted Depositional Envt=idk Metamorphic Foliated Medium/High Grade Schist Sedimentary Biogenic Cementing Agent­idk Well Sorted Depositional Envt­idk Breccia Angular Rocks Cementing Agent= ??? Clastic Sedimentary Chaotic Deposition: Impact Crater, Volcanism Conglomerate Chaotic Deposition, Aquatic Environment Sedimentary Clastic Rounded Pebbles Cementing Agent =??? Metamorphic Foliated Medium Grade Phyllite Coral Sedimentary Biogenic: Calcium Carbonate of Diatoms and Foraminifera Depositional: Ocean floor, above the CCD Sedimentary precipitates Sedimentary Chemical­Petrified Wood Iron Oxide Well/Poorly Sorted­idk Underground Metamorphic Foliated Medium/High Grade Schist Metamorphic Foliated Low Grade Slate CHALK STUFF­CEMENTING AGENT IS LIMESTONE ...
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