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paper topic 2 - Caleb Oswald 1202 words 6. How did the...

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Caleb Oswald 1202 words 6. How did the material from the second half of the course alter your understanding of your own selfhood? Make sure to be clear about what exactly in that material had the effect. I feel that the second half of this class dealt more with the impact that society and our surroundings have on the self while the first half seemed to deal more with how the self chooses to interact with or interpret society. Emerald Forest is a good example of this because the central theme is how the young American boy was transformed into a member of an Amazonian tribe by being thrown into this drastically different society. Also in Dawn there is an extreme society that transforms a young boy. The next two books we read dealt with particular unchangeable characteristics of the writers that have affected how society dealt with them and therefore how society molded them. Enough goes so far as to say that society’s effect on the self could destroy the concept as we know it. This subject matter makes the effect of the second half of this course on my personal selfhood more abstract than the effect of the first half. It was much easier to answer questions posed to myself about how I viewed society and is more complicated to consider how society views me and even changes me. I was not particularly fond of Emerald Forest and felt that it had a harsh anti- Western culture sentiment about it. It did however take to an interesting look at how we are created by society. Especially in today’s society we are lead to believe that we are individuals in the truest sense. We can choose to be any kind of person we like. This movie shows that no matter how free from society and others you think you may be, you are ultimately as much a product of society as you are a product of yourself.
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paper topic 2 - Caleb Oswald 1202 words 6. How did the...

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