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final paper-2 - Both Parents Needed in Successfully Raising...

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Both Parents Needed in Successfully Raising a Child Growing up without a mother or father around can cause damaging effects during adulthood. Many children that lived with divorced parents will be come depressed or face other health problems during childhood which can carry into their adulthood. They also face a greater chance of divorce in their own marriages. What would life for you have been like if you spent most of your childhood with only one of your parents? To help decrease the possibility of these effects both parents must stay involved in their children’s lives after going through a divorce. While my parents still have a strong marriage I have many friends that have gone through the divorce of their parents including my best friend Shea. Growing up she spent most of her time with her father. While living with her father her mother was often too busy with her boyfriend or work to spend time with her daughter. She was not someone Shea could go to for advice when she was struggling with something and her dad was not always the best advice giver so she often had to resort to advice from her friends. This has developed her into a person who struggles to keep strong relationships. Her relationship with her mother has also deteriorated over the years. Her parents were unable to take her to college in Arizona and her mother and she argued over the fact that they were passing the job on to her mother’s boyfriend. It was a few weeks before Shea was supposed to leave for Arizona when her mother approached her with some bad news. “I’m sorry but your father and I won’t be able to take you to Arizona anymore. Art (who is her mother’s boyfriend) will be taking you instead.” “He’s not my father,” Shea yelled. “Why are you always such irresponsible parents? Can’t you be responsible for once and take me to college.”
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“I’m sorry but there’s no way I can get off work right now and you know how your father and I don’t get along very well.” “Don’t you care that you won’t see me for four months? Can’t you just do this for me?” Shea screamed. “Of course I care about you but it’s just not…”
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final paper-2 - Both Parents Needed in Successfully Raising...

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