reaction2 - Development and Expression of Sexuality Sex,...

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Development and Expression of Sexuality Sex, what is it? Sex is something different to everyone. To some is it is something of great intimacy and pleasure. To others it’s a way to release anxiety or frustration. Yet still others see it as a sport or an oppressive duty. Some people are obsessed with it while others joke and gossip about it constantly. Everyone has their own ideals when it comes to sexual encounters. Some like to tell people details about their experiences while others can’t say a word about their sex lives without getting embarrassed. Some people like to turn all the lights off during intimate moments while others wouldn’t mind being on camera and in the spotlight. None the less sex plays a central role in the lives of everyone. Sex is everywhere you look in today’s society. Whether you like it or not there is almost no escaping it. It’s in movies, TV shows, novels, magazines, billboards, and can be found almost anywhere you look on the internet. Sex is also used in ads everywhere for anything from automobiles to toothpaste and everything in between. People avidly read books and magazines to gain tips from them but many people have a difficult time discussing sexual acts even with their partners. This also leads to difficulty for researchers since there are difficulties in doing direct observation. Most research is done through interviews and questionnaires and usually only those who are more liberal and experienced are willing to take part. These results are not always accurate because some people may not tell the whole truth about their sex lives because of shame, embarrassment, or even boasting. Most people who volunteer for these surveys also are white middle class workers so it does not give a very diverse representation.
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Sexual identity is used to refer to the complex of personal qualities, self-perceptions, attitudes, values, and preferences that guide one’s sexual behavior. Your sexual identity includes four key features sexual orientation, body image, sexual values and ethics, and erotic preferences. Sexual orientation refers to the individual’s preference on who they seek emotional and sexual relationships with. There are three different orientations, heterosexual, homosexual, and bisexual. Heterosexual means that the person seeks these things from someone of the opposite
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reaction2 - Development and Expression of Sexuality Sex,...

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