reinforcements and consequences

reinforcements and consequences - Behavior Modification...

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Behavior Modification Project Reinforcements and Consequences As we know, my goal was to have all of my assignments and class readings done two days in advance before they are actually due. The thing that has kept me most on track with this goal is my day planner. I honestly follow it for the most part everyday. I write down the assignments I need to complete that night, and they almost always get done. Only if there is a last minute emergency happening in my life, I always make sure my assignments are done. Even if I’m really tired or not feeling well, I remind myself in my head my main purpose of being at the University of Utah. That helps to give me a push and more motivation to complete my assignments. The two things that are reinforcing behavior contrary to my goal would be my free time and my friends. Now that I’m not working as much at my job, and seeing how I only have one class a day, I now have more free time than usual throughout the days. This would be the perfect time to study for my classes, but I’ve gotten into the habit of doing my
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reinforcements and consequences - Behavior Modification...

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