Legal Brief (North Carolina v. Alford)

Legal Brief (North Carolina v. Alford) - Title and...

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Title and Citation: North Carolina v. Alford 400 U.S. 25 (1970) Facts of the Case: Henry Alford after being indicted for first degree murder charges in December of 1963, while in the state of North Carolina. Alford took a pled bargain of guilty to second degree murder since in North Carolina during this time a plea of guilty to first degree murder held a life imprisonment and a jury conviction led to the death penalty, unless jury recommended life in imprisonment. Alford while maintaining his innocence’s on the murder charges took the plea agreement since his defense attorney believed after hearing the three witnesses (none of which eye witnesses) accounts that were damaging to Alford’s case. These witnesses said that they had seen Mr. Alford leave with the gun and admit he was going to kill the victim and when returning to the building stated he had killed the victim. The judge sentence Henry Alford to the maximum he could on second degree murder charges of 30 years imprison. Alford after pledging guilty appealed his conviction on the constitutional grounds
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Legal Brief (North Carolina v. Alford) - Title and...

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