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Sheet1 Page 1 Estranged Labour/ Fetishism of commodities 1. What is the central problem with the conventional political economy of Marx's day? What does it take for granted or fail to explain? Why does this matter? 2. Define the following key terms: (See answers below) Objectification: Exchange value: Product/production: Use-value: Commodity: Exchange: Estrangement: Species-being: 3. What is the alienation of labor and how does political economy hide it? 4. What is the relationship between alienated labor and private property? 5. Why does Marx argue that commodities are mysterious? 6. What does Marx mean by the fetishism of commodities? 7. How does Marx use the Robinson Crusoe story to illustrate political economy's shortcomings with respect to understanding the value of labor? Terms: materializing purposeful creativity of human beings in a product. process by which some thing in nature is transformed into a product. else. As such it is the form given to a fundamental social relation: the exchange of
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