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Sheet1 Page 1 Glossary of Selected Marxian Terms Bourgeoisie: The class of people who own the social means of production as private property or capital. Capitalism: The socio-economic system were social relations are based on commodities for exchange, specifically on the private ownership of property and on the expropriation of wage labor. their position relative to capital). [Capital consists of economic resources or wealth used to generate more wealth. Capital consists of a particular set of social relations that make the increase of wealth possible (such as the relationship between employer and worker).] Class struggle: Classes emerge on at a certain stage in the development of the productive forces and the social division of labor, when there exists a social surplus of production which makes it possible for one class to benefit by the exploitation of another. Conflict emerges around the division of social surplus. Conflict is also inherent in the Commodity: Something produced for the purpose of exchanging for something else. Communism: We generally think of this in terms of ideology (as in the ideology that informs a particular organization of society). We may also think of it as a set of social relations with a different quality than capitalism
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21-----------01marxglossary[1] - Glossary of Selected...

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