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Sheet1 Page 1 Study questions for the final exam Questions for the final exam will be drawn from topics included in the list below. There will be 5 short questions (10 points each) and 2 long questions (25 points each) drawn from this list. Shorter questions: 1 Why was Weber interested in Asian religions? 2 How does Weber account for the fact that China did not become a capitalist country, even though it had a wealth of natural resources and experienced high population growth? 3 Why was working hard and accumulating wealth important to the Puritans, according to Weber? 4 Protestant Ethic? 5 What is the difference between mechanical and organic solidarity, for Durkheim? 6 7 Why does Durkheim write that the suicide rate is a social phenomena? 8 do with this type of suicide? 9 Why was Weber interested in ancient Judaism? What did it contribute to modern capitalist society? 10. Why did Durkheim think that Jews were less prone to suicide than people of other religions? Provide an example from his research to illustrate this.
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