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Henry CLT3378_4 Paper 2

Henry CLT3378_4 Paper 2 - Henry 1 Joseph Henry CLT3378(4 Dr...

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Henry 1 -1 Joseph Henry CLT3378 (4) Dr. Rupp November 15, 2007 Comparing Creations: Enuma Elish and Genesis The parallels between the biblical and Babylonian creation accounts are a source of much contention amongst the scholarly and religious. Conservative factions claim that each story is unique to preserve the legitimacy of the account in their respective cultures, while liberal groups contend that there are so many similarities that one was undoubtedly based completely on the other. Both groups are partially correct, and both are partially wrong. It is not an uncommon phenomenon in the study of myth to find parallels between myths of different cultures, as integral parts of society like trade, conquest, migration, and oral tradition allowed for the spread, and eventual adaptation, of stories and characters into a culture. There is no shortage of myths that owe at least a part of their story to a culture other than the one that held it as doctrine, and likewise very few myths were completely usurped and adapted without making changes that fit the culture’s own agenda. The case is no different here. Indeed, the similarities and differences between the Enuma Elish and Genesis creation account reveal a diffusion of culture but also a re- authoring that reflected the beliefs of the culture that held it as true. The similarities between the Enuma Elish and Genesis stories of creation suggest cultural diffusion and a belief in some similar values. The most common source of the Enuma Elish account is found written in cunieform on seven clay tablets that date to the 12 th century BC. 1 Marduk is the most prominent figure, suggesting that the authors were from a cult who followed 1 Bratcher (2006, 13 July) states in his introduction to his translation.
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Henry 2 him. 2 Genesis, which contains the creation account believed by the Hebrews, is the first book of the Bible, and was put together using four sources known as the Yahwist, Elohist, Deuteronomist, and Priestly during the first millenium BC, although the Deuteronomist seems to have contributed the least.
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Henry CLT3378_4 Paper 2 - Henry 1 Joseph Henry CLT3378(4 Dr...

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