Notes on redox and other reactions

Notes on redox and other reactions - reaction. An activity...

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Reactions in water solution can be classified based on the driving force that converts the reactants to the product. These classes are as follows: * Precipitation reactions: In these reactions an insoluble solid forms as a product and drives the reaction to completion. These products can be predicted using solubility rules. * Acid-base neutralization reactions: Here an acid (proton donor) reacts with a base (proton acceptor) to form an ionic salt and sometimes water. You can recognize this type of reaction by the presence of both an acid and base in the reactants. Oxidation-reduction reactions (or redox for short): With redox reactions, electrons are transferred between reactants. You will always see changes in oxidation number within this type of
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Unformatted text preview: reaction. An activity series can be helpful in predicting the products. A titration is a procedure for determining the concentration of a solution by allowing it to react with another solution of known concentration (called a standard solution). Acid-base reactions and oxidation-reduction reactions are used in titrations. For example, to find the concentration of an HCl solution (an acid), a standard solution of NaOH (a base) is added to a measured volume of HCl from a calibrated tube called a buret. An indicator is also present and it will change color when all the acid has reacted. Using the concentration of the standard solution and the volume dispensed, we can calculate molarity of the HCl solution....
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Notes on redox and other reactions - reaction. An activity...

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