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HRMA 3361 Hospitality Marketing Extra Credit Dressing for Success Due: Tuesday, April 8 Purpose: To recognize the value created from appropriate attire in hospitality settings Objectives: To identify and describe sales/marketing managers work attire for selected properties To differentiate between levels of business attire Process: Select one lodging property and define its target market. Observe the sales and management employees’ attire. Coordinate a work outfit from your existing wardrobe that would be
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Unformatted text preview: appropriate for your selected property. Wear your coordinated ensemble to class on Tuesday, April 8. Write a summary describing the appropriateness of your outfit to the selected property. Evaluation: Identification and discussion of target market 2 points Discussion of observed sales/marketing manager attire and its appropriateness for the property 4 points Description of your outfit 2 points Modeling outfit in class 2 points Total 10 points Due: Tuesday, April 8...
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