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soc 158 quiz notes[1] - Chapter 10 Janes Jacobs advocates a...

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Chapter 10 – Janes Jacobs advocates a mixture of new and old buildings. If a district is composed of all new buildings, then many local businesses cannot afford the expensive overhead that accompanies it. This is important because it is precisely these businesses that ensure the safety on the streets and promote public life, which therefore invigorates a city. Only drawback of old buildings is its very nature – “everything old become[s] worn out”. However this isn’t a problem to JJ. The oldness is NOT the cause of a cities failure. It is the other way around. The cities failure to attract new entrepreneurs, retain old businesses, etc were the reasons for the failure to maintain the buildings. A mixture is also necessary to “cultivate” primary and secondary diversity. She advocates not constructing all the buildings simultaneously to ensure age differences between the buildings. If buildings are constructed simultaneously, the city, district, etc is doomed from the start. “the economic value of old buildings is irreplaceable” Chapter 11 - a high concentration of people within a district is necessary for diversity. Contrary to popular beliefs, high DWELLING densities is crucial to a city’s vitality. It is widely held that high dwelling densities is related to more troubles/problems/slums. Slums in major cities across the U.S have low dwelling densities according to JJ’s findings. She admits that NOT all areas of high dwelling densities in cities do well. Density alone is insufficient if diversity is “suppressed”. However density is ONE of the necessary conditions for a city to have diversity. Without sufficient number of people to occupy a district, the other factors of generating diversity are useless. JJ states to not confuse high densities with overcrowding. Previous planners made this mistake.
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soc 158 quiz notes[1] - Chapter 10 Janes Jacobs advocates a...

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