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PSY 280 Review Guide - Exam 1 - Abnormal Psych Review Guide...

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Abnormal Psych Review Guide – Exam 1 ________________________________________Chapter 1______________________________________ Abnormal Psychology: A psychological disorder associated with distress or impairment in functioning that is not typically or culturally expected Psychological Disorder is preferred over mentally ill 1 st person language: Person w/ schizophrenia vs. Schizophrenic Historical Approaches to Defining Abnormality: 1. The Supernatural Tradition a. Deviant Behavior: Battle of “Good” vs. “Evil” b. Demonic possession, witchcraft, sorcery, movement of the moon and stars c. Treatments include exorcism, torture, crude surgeries ( Trephination ) d. Middle Ages (476 ~ 1450 AD) i. Possession = Cause of illness e. Witchcraft (15 th – 17 th Century) i. Witches voluntarily work with the devil (typically poor, unmarried women) ii. Attempt at diagnosis death either way iii. Malleus maleficarum (1486) – Book that supports reality of witches and offers treatments 100,000+ accused and killed 2. Early Medical Models a. Hippocrates’ (400 BC) – Abnormal behavior is a physical disease i. 4 Humors: Vital fluids; Blood (sanguine), black bile (melancholic), yellow bile (choleric), phlegm (phlegmatic) ii. Galen – Extended Hippocrates’ work; Discovered arteries carried blood (not air); Solidified link btw abnormality and brain chemical imbalances
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3. The Reform Movement (18 th – 19 th Century) a. 1450 ~ 1550 Horrible conditions in asylums led to movement b. Moral Therapy (Jean-Baptiste Pussin) i. Normalized treatment of mentally ill ii. Humane Treatment Less symptoms iii. Dorothea Dix – Led mental hygiene movement; Created 1 st generation of American mental asylums iv. Fall of moral therapy: MI not curable Lifelong institutionalization, little/poor care Contemporary Approaches to Defining Abnormality: 1. Biological Perspective a. Mental illness = Physical illness b. 1930’s – Biological treatments become standard (Insulin shock therapy, ECT, surgery) c. 1950’s – Medications increasingly available (Anti-psychotics, tranquilizers) i. Deinstitutionalization movement
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PSY 280 Review Guide - Exam 1 - Abnormal Psych Review Guide...

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