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Shawn Bowlus URP 3001 Section 6708 Assignment 2 One major urban problem found in cities is overpopulation. This is when too many people are living in a city with limited amount of space which can cause a number of problems for the citizens of the city and for the city as a whole that effect the development and growth of the urban area. Overpopulation is related to the number of individuals compared to the number of resources needed for survival or well-being. Overpopulation hinders development because the excess of people in a certain area that cannot support everyone’s needs creates a shortage in
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Unformatted text preview: everyday necessities like food, water, and shelter. With a shortage in these necessities, a city cannot begin to expand and develop its assets, but it has to tend to the needs of the citizens and individuals first. Overpopulation will slowly create a negative effect on the urban area because eventually there will not be enough jobs for everyone trying to live in the city. This will then increase the unemployment rate and more people will be without jobs and unable to support their family or the city. This prevents the city from developing and growing in the future....
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