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Shawn Bowlus MUH 2501 Concert Report #1 Jacaré Brazil and Agbedidi Jeliya The Jacaré Brazil and Agbedidi Jeliya concert was a fantastic show. The concert featured two different groups, but most of the musicians played in both groups. First, the Jacaré Brazil band played. This ensemble consisted of about seven or eight musicians and about seven or eight more backup vocalists which were almost all women. The musicians playing the instruments were all men. The instrumentation of the ensemble included a cavaquinho, a pandeiro, a couple repiques, a caxixi, a surdo, a tamborim, a viola caipira, a quinto, an electric bass, an accordion, and a violin. During the performances, most of the chordophones, including the cavaquinho, viola, and violin, kept the melody and led the rest of the group. The other percussion instruments, mainly membranophones, controlled the rhythms and beats of the pieces. The rhythm and percussion section, the bateria, of Jacaré Brazil produces a dense texture to the music known as batucada. This is a very important characteristic of
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