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Shawn Bowlus MUH 2501 Concert Report #2 Spirit of Uganda The Spirit of Uganda concert was quite an amazing show, especially since there were 26 performers ranging in ages from 9 to 22 years old. All of the children are from Uganda and perform to promote East African culture and to increase awareness of the HIV/AIDS crisis in their homeland. Every one of the musicians and dancers had so much talent and energy for the music that they were presenting to the audience. The instrumentation included the Amidinda, Adungu, Agwara, Bakisimba, Calabash, Ebinyege, Empagi, Nankasa, Obuuti, Okalele, and Omukuri. Most of these named instruments are drums, sticks, and rattles; however, there are a few instruments resembling xylophones and harps. The percussion instruments are the primary carriers of the rhythm and melody, and they also maintain specific beats for the dancers and singers. All of the rhythms and beats performed in the percussion sections had fast, rapid tempos with some complex rhythms as well. When
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