HNF 150H Syllabus - HNF 150H-Introduction to Human...

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HNF 150H-Introduction to Human Nutrition Spring 2008 Section 3, Tues and Thurs 10:20 am- 11:40 am Room: 402 Computer Center Instructor : Dale Romsos, PhD, Professor of Nutrition, and Nutritional Sciences Coordinator ( ). Office: 106E Trout FSHN Bldg Email: Phone: 517-355-8474, ext 104, or phone Cherie @ ext 118 to schedule an appointment Office hours: By appointment Teaching Assistant : Amy Hendricks, Email: Course Objectives : The student will be expected to: 1. identify the basic constituents of food and their roles in human health. 2. understand the relationships among food and health, including body weight control, food and exercise, and food and eating disorders. 3. identify and understand the reasons for the changing nutrient requirements to support pregnancy, growth, and aging. 4. understand the roles for additives in maintenance of a safe food supply. 5. Separate food facts from fiction or exaggeration. Text: The Science of Nutrition. Janice Thompson, Melinda Manore, and Linda Vaughan, Editors. Published 2008 by Pearson Benjamin Cummings. Video Tapes: Audio- v ideo tapes of most lectures will be available on Angel. Students are encouraged to attend class and use the tapes only as a backup when it is
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HNF 150H Syllabus - HNF 150H-Introduction to Human...

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