Notesbatch3 - Early Rock Roll On the R B side Chuck Berry Fats Domino Little Richard On the Country side Bill Haley and the Comets Rockabilly Elvis

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–Chuck Berry –Fats Domino –Little Richard On the Country side –Bill Haley and the Comets –Rockabilly: Elvis Presley, Carl Perkins, Jerry Lee Lewis –Buddy Holly and the Crickets, The Everly Brothers Early Rock Musicians Chuck Berry - took the backbeat from jump band R&B - eight-beat rhythm from fast boogie woogie (as Little Richard had done a few months earlier), -transferred the bass pattern of boogie woogie to the guitar, bringing it into the foreground of the sound. Maybellene (1955) "Maybellene" is a mixture of country with blues much in the same way that Bill Haley's music mixed the two styles. The song was originally a country song titled "Ida Red.” Displays Berry’s creative word play Refrain- frame form Two-beat rhythm Hints of double-stop guitar licks in his solo "ROLL OVER BEETHOVEN" (1956) The eight-beat rock rhythm is very clearly present. The boogie bass figure is not in the front, but in the background. Again, clever lyrics add to the success of the song "JOHNNY B. GOODE" (1958) Berry's full style: aggressive solo breaks on the guitar along with the boogie pattern under both the guitar and the vocal lines essential features of early rock: backbeat eight-beat rhythm strong rhythm guitar assertive lead guitar: signature double-stops that pepper his solo leads Little Richard
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Attributed his sense of rhythm to boogie woogie. His hits came out between 1955 and 1958. Paradoxically, many of them were about women: "Long, Tall Sally," "Good Golly Miss Molly," "Lucille," and "The Girl Can't Help It," "Tutti Frutti" put Little Richard on the rock and roll map. Early Rock Musicians Bill Haley and the Comets Started out as a Western Swing group Fused R & B with Western Swing; Milt Gabler, producer of several Louis Jordan Released “Rock Around the Clock” (1955), the first rock and roll song to make it to #1 on the pop chart. Helped pave the way for Chuck Berry’s “Maybellene.” Elvis Presley ELVIS FIRSTS First to have a series of songs that each sold over 1,000,000 copies (eighteen songs) First rock musician to establish a parallel career in the movies First rock musician to dominate a foreign market Elvis Presley Country blues and hillbilly music Anglo-American folk music Banjo and bluegrass guitar styles. Absorbed a lot from black & white gospel singing, rhythm & blues, pop, even classical music Discovered by Marion Keisker Elvis and Sun Records EXAMPLE: “THAT’S ALL RIGHT" (1954) Mix of blues and country EXAMPLE: "MYSTERY TRAIN" (1955) EXAMPLE:
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Notesbatch3 - Early Rock Roll On the R B side Chuck Berry Fats Domino Little Richard On the Country side Bill Haley and the Comets Rockabilly Elvis

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