music_typology - MUSIC TYPOLOGY ART MUSIC associated with...

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MUSIC TYPOLOGY ART MUSIC associated with complex, highly civilized societies receives a disproportionate amount of state patronage associated with an elite class of people in the society embodies the ideals and values of the dominant sector of society ART MUSIC musicians learn the tradition in a rigorous system of training in many art musics, notation is an important part of the transmission process creativity is an important aspect of evaluation musicians are normally specialized and recognized as professionals concomitant tradition of theorizing about the music POPULAR MUSIC associated with modern urban society tightly entwined with consumerism, mass media and latest advances in technology caters to mainstream tastes but may also assume a provocative role in society originality is highly valued, as "newness" is a selling point pieces reflect constraints of the media by which they are broadcast to the general population POPULAR MUSIC musicians often achieve identity through group organization, named bands, combos, etc. the repertory in a popular music has a fast rate of turnover compared to other types of music, reflecting the quickly changing tastes of modern mainstream culture (and/ or the inherent need of a capitalist society to sell material goods). FOLK MUSIC
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music_typology - MUSIC TYPOLOGY ART MUSIC associated with...

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