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Legal Issues in the Church Notes

Legal Issues in the Church Notes - Legal Issues in the...

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Legal Issues in the Church The Truth Project Video Difference between the past and the future: past events that have already happened, future events are events that have already happened. What you believe in the present is powerfully influenced by the past. “If I can change the way you view the present by fiddling with past, then I can change the way you think.” –Historical Revisionism People didn’t know the meaning of life either because they felt that they were not philosophical enough to know or because they had a strong humanist view. Post-Modernism : the breakaway from reason, faith, humanity existentialism. Everyone tells there own story. There is no truth story that is really foundational. A style in architecture, art, literature, and criticism developed after and often in reaction to modernism, characterized by reference to other periods or styles in a self-conscious way and a rejection of the notion of high art. The Pilgrims were a “church relocation movement” and many died. Their desires were set on the way of God according to William Bradford. World View: What makes it liberal? Politics are not worth engaging in, divorce is sometimes necessary to be happy…which is what god wants. “Prosperity gospel”. People wanting Church to only serve them. State Can the state steal? 1 Kings 21 The state can steal; they can take what they want. This still doesn’t mean it’s right. The state may include God, a governor and the people. How may God be sovereign over all aspects of life, even the state? Romans 13: the state has been delegated by God to punish evil and to condone what is good. Without truth, you only get manipulation. American Experiment (Truth Project Video) Colonial era: education included the un-adulterated Bible teaching. Late 1800’s: NEA said if the Bible is allowed in schools, then the Church should take over education. Northwest Ordinance: a requirement of statehood in the new territory was to be educated and taught the Bible. The Constitution is considered to be an article that can’t be given to an amoral people. Sam Adams, Noah Webster, Washington and Franklin note that religion (Christianity) is key to keeping America liberated. Declaration of Independence states that the “inalienable rights” do NOT come from the state…but from the Creator.
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The Law of Nature was known as something to come from the Bible, the creation idea was not of Jefferson’s idea, but from Blackstone (a Christian lawyer) The Evolution of Law o 1859 Origin of Species (Darwin) o 1869 Harvard President (Evolutionist who changed law at Harvard) o Law was no longer considered to reflect God’s nature, but it was an evolving law as people change (Langdell president of law at Harvard) o There is no denying that all law is based on an ethical notion There is no guarantee of the American legacy being passed down unless we remember and pass it down. Solzhenitsyn wrote that our legacy is lost when men forget God.
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