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Principles of Teaching Notes - Principles of Teaching What...

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Principles of Teaching What is a teacher? The students make the teacher; no teacher is legitimate unless the learner is both the one advising and listening. A teacher builds a community and equips the learner in order to change other people’s lives. Somebody who has something valuable to give and shares it in order Competition builds clientele, ministry builds a community. What is the common denominator that the Bible uses to get people to learn? A sense of WONDER . We see things and believe things not as they really are, but as we are. Epistemology: the study of the way things can be known. Metanarrative : an overarching story, he started with the end in mind. God wanted to be known and to express himself. You have got to win and teach through the Metanarrative. You have to understand and learn that God is set-apart, holy and the great-law-giver as exemplified in the Old Testament. God’s holiness is the scaffolding to his love. You have a human right to hell? What the hell does that mean? Does this mean free will? This means that we can choose NOT to follow God if we choose. The Metanarrative shows us that God is to take over as he did in the OT. The overarching plan of God from the beginning of time. Who you are is what you teach, nothing so deep that you can share that people are automatically transformed. Your overall character is the key to understanding how to teach truth – it’s not Jesus’ truth that makes you a preacher – it’s Jesus’ truth inside of you that makes you the preacher. God is __________. What can you say? Only one thing…what should we say? It’s not about who we think God is to us, but merely who God is. God is Holy (OT 1 st ). God is Love (NT get this 2 nd ). How is the Old Testament mystery similar to the New Testament mystery? The truth is that the NT is the spiritual application of the law of the OT. The NT truth is paralleled is awarded to those as in the OT to those who press in (David, Danielle, Paul, Paul and John the Baptist.) The reason we teach is in order to understand that God is holy and that we share this to others because he loved us enough to share this with us. Raz – Mystery; the Old Testament was known as this. Pesher – solution; the New Testament also observed as this.
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The Holy Spirit is the entity that makes God known, that is why it is so important to practice reliance on the Holy Ghost. Our story with God should reflect the overall teaching of scripture and the Holy Ghost. Who we are has been taught that: feelings follow faith which is built off of facts. Gather teaching is popular today and has kept the Church from greatness. Dr. Land looked at this and said let’s put the relational locomotive up front! For example: ORTHODOXY – ORTHOPATHY – ORTHOPRAXY Orthodoxy – right knowledge, of God Orthopathy – right affections, this is not a grade based upon a curve…it’s not based on others, you can’t calculate it. Orthopraxy – right actions
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Principles of Teaching Notes - Principles of Teaching What...

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