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EN 102 final - Hill 1 Rebecca Hill Rogerian Argument...

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Hill 1 Rebecca Hill Rogerian Argument Carolyn Watson English 102-023 13 December 2007 Immigration The topic of immigration has always been a heated debate throughout the United States of America. Some people believe that illegal immigrants should not be able to work in America under any circumstances, while others believe illegal immigrants who do work in America are beneficial for our economy. Americans who do not agree with immigrants working legally in the United States feel that they are taking over American’s jobs and changing decisions involving political situations. Also, they have strong feelings that the working-class in America should contain more rights to be hired for a job over an illegal immigrant. This specific topic will always be a sensitive subject due to American citizens’ personal beliefs and morals. The argument of illegal immigrants whom are caught in the United States without a green card or work permanent should be deported immediately has had a very strong, positive reaction from legal citizens. After all, it is the law that people who cross the border into the United States without citizenship are not be allowed to live freely in this country. A person might ask: “So why are there so many immigrants in this country right now working illegally?”
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EN 102 final - Hill 1 Rebecca Hill Rogerian Argument...

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