Greek mythology review test 2

Greek mythology review test 2 - Greek mythology review test...

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Greek mythology review test 2 Cybele 1. Loud music 2. Cybele liked wild things—lions and loud drums are wild. She wears the crown because the earth upholds the city. 3. Attis regrets cutting off his genitals. He does not like being a priest for Cybele. 4. Greek: says she stayed in her temple while worshipers brought gifts to her Romans: a wild parade took place (people cutting of their genitals) & Attis was not mentioned apart of the cult. ..Romans wore images around their necks through the parade to represent Cybele. The senate allowed the cult to come to Rome because the people wanted it. 5. Pine needles can be considered as fertile. Attis’s hair continued to grow and little finger could move. 6. The pomegranate is full of ripe seeds and it’s a symbol of fertility. It looks like testis. 7. Transsexuals 8. When Romans wanted to be cleansed from sin, a priest would get a bull’s blood and pour it all over them. 9. Greek priest who are self-flagellating and castrated 10. This emphasized that Attis could save a person by dying in their place. 11. Cybele taught Dionysus how to perform tension-releasing ecstatic rites Demeter and Persephone 1. Demeter wore long flowing clothes and always has ears of barley and poppy that she either holds or wraps around her head. She holds the torch because she is the light in the darkness as she searches for her daughter, Persephone. Persephone is the Queen of the Underworld. She represents winter and death, and darkness. 2. One will find Hall of Mysterious (Telesterion), a theater, Mirthless Rock, a sacred well, Anaktoron, and a cave of Pluto. 3. It teaches us about how the seasons were created; death precedes life. Flowers bloom, spread their seeds, and die. The cycle continues. 4. Demeter went into her temple to sulk about Persephone. She didn’t help the crops grow so humans began to starve. She placed Demophon over the fire to try and make him immortal.
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Greek mythology review test 2 - Greek mythology review test...

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