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final essay proposal - appendix 1 5 Your frequency table...

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Anth 111: Comparative Cultures Fall 2007 Instructions for your final paper, due Tuesday Dec. 18 , no later than 4:00 pm If you would like me to review a draft of your essay, give me the draft no later than noon on the 15 th and you can pick it up after noon on the 16 th . This essay is broader than your previous essays. You need to discuss the following: 1. Your original hypothesis from your essay on theoretical approaches to your topic Briefly state your original hypothesis and why you decided on it ( no more than 2 paragraphs ). 2. Report your findings based on Piot and your eHRAF ethnography and how you revised your hypothesis ( no more than one page ). 3. Report on your original eHRAF 6 assignment. What were the range of categories you wanted to investigate. How did these relate to your hypothesis. 4. How did you code/categorize the information? Include your guide to coding as
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Unformatted text preview: appendix 1. 5. Your frequency table and your cross-tabulated table from eHRAF 8 6. Describe in words your frequency table: which values were the most frequent. 7. Discuss your cross-tabulated table. Briefly state your findings. Is there a relationship among your variables? Why or why not? Did it turn out as you expected? 8. Reflect on the process. How has your hypothesis changed throughout the course? What is gained or lost in narrowing the hypothesis down to use eHRAF? How did this affect your hypothesis. For example, your hypothesis may not be supported. Is this a result of problems with the hypothesis or the way the hypothesis got translated to test? Note : you need to cite properly and include a bibliography....
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