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1. Your original hypothesis from your essay on theoretical approaches to your topic. Briefly state your original hypothesis and why you decided on it ( no more than 2 paragraphs ). I explored the relationship between religion and child socialization. I chose this topic because I wanted to find evidence that religion has an effect on the socialization and rearing of children. I was raised Catholic, but not strictly. I grew up with a diverse group of friends, who practiced different religions. Religious affiliations classify people, but do not necessarily segregate people. Despite our differences, my friends and I were and still are best friends, even though as children we were reared differently. Religion does have an effect on the socialization of children and I am going to propose why. 2. Report your findings based on Piot and your eHRAF ethnography and how you revised your hypothesis ( no more than one page ). People all around the world have differing religious views; this is one of the reasons why we have such a diverse world. Religious views and practices affect how people act and how they raise children. The Kabre, a village of people in West Africa, in Northern Togo, have a strong spiritual background. These people believe their infants are androgynous and also reincarnations of their deceased grandparents. The Hopi, a tribe of Native Americans in northern Arizona, also have a strong spiritual background, but these people differ from the Kabre. The Hopi believe in kachinas. These two groups of people live two different lifestyles, because of their differing beliefs. Nevertheless, both the Kabre and the Hopi people raise their children in accordance to their religious beliefs, which obviously demonstrates that religion affects how children are raised. Children grow up with the values that were driven into them from their parent’s values, which stem from their religion. The Kabre people have a number of different beliefs about super-naturals and spirits. They believe there are numerous spirits in nature, known as “trees” because of where they live. The spirits originally demanded that the Kabre make sacrifices to them, so now there are eight different rituals throughout the year. The rituals often include ceremonies for initiations, funerals, work and also for designation of hierarchies – between different communities (Piot, Charles, 1999, 134-135). The Kabre beliefs affect how Kabre children are raised. It would be nearly impossible for a child to grow up in the Kabre village, and not be socialized in accordance to Kabre standards of life. Children absorb information and habits through watching and listening to older people, so when older people portray their religious views in everyday life, children are likely to adopt similar values and beliefs. The Hopi have a rigorous life. They are agriculturally based people, so if crops fail then there will be a
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essay.3.setup - 1. Your original hypothesis from your essay...

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