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Thomas Hobbes was born in 1588 and died in 1679. He lived during the scientific revolution and explained the mechanics of society the same way that Newton explained the mechanics of Nature. Hobbes wrote the book Leviathon about the social contract theory and how social groups function in relation to institutions. He is arguably the foremost authority on political philosophy. His view that morality is based on self-interest was not only very influential then, but it still is influential now. Hobbes is very straightforward. He tells it how it is and doesn’t hide his points in hidden mumbo-jumbo. Hobbes believed that the human race is BAD, that through its desire for unlimited power it is intrinsically self-interested. He called this psychological egotism. This means that the human race will do whatever it needs to do for its own needs. The main drive of these actions is POWER. There are two types of power according to Hobbes; one is natural power, these are inborn traits such as intelligence and physical strength. The other
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