Chapter 1 Exploring Life

Chapter 1 Exploring Life - 2 Three Domain System(recent...

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Chapter 1: Exploring life I. Hierarchical organization of biology (pp 2-12) A. Structure (Fig. 1.3) B. Emergent properties (pp 9) C. Reductionism and systems biology (pp 9-11) II. Diversity and unity in biology (pp 12-19) A. Incredible diversity of life B. Classification of diversity (Fig. 1.14) 1. Grouping things by similarity
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Unformatted text preview: 2. Three Domain System (recent change in classification system) Fig. 1.15 C. Unity in this diversity D. Evolution explains unity and diversity III. How do we study living things? What methods do scientists use? (pp 19-26) A. Discovery science B. Hypothesis-based science 1. What is this? 2. Example: mudminnows...
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