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Chapter 2: Chemical context of life I. Elements (Table 2.1) II. Atoms A. Composition of atoms B. Chemical bonds (Fig. 2.10): role of electrons in atomic reactions 1. Electrons are located in different energy levels (shells) (Fig. 2.7) 2. Energy shells are further subdivided into orbitals (Fig. 2.8) 3. Potential energy of electron depends upon its position/location in the
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Unformatted text preview: atom relative to the nucleus of the atom 4. Valence shells (incomplete vs. complete) (Fig. 2.8) III. Chemical bonds (pp 39+) A. Definition B. Types of bonds 1. Covalent bonds (Fig. 2.11) a. non-polar covalent bonds b. polar covalent bonds 2. Ionic bonds (Fig. 2.12) 3. Hydrogen bonds (Fig. 2.13, 2.14) 4. van der Waals interactions IV. Chemical reactions...
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