Chapter 13 meiosis

Chapter 13 meiosis - 4 Telophase I C Meiosis II(similar to...

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Chapter 13: Meiosis I. Introduction II. Sexual life cycle (Fig. 13.5, 13.6) A. Human and animal life cycles B. Terms with which to be familiar: gametes, haploid, diploid, zygote, homologous chromosomes III. The details of meiosis A. Pre-meiotic interphase (G1, S, G2) B. Meiosis I: reduction phase 1. Prophase I (Fig. 13.7, 13.8) 2. Metaphase I 3. Anaphase I
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Unformatted text preview: 4. Telophase I C. Meiosis II (similar to mitosis) 1. Prophase II 2. Metaphase II 3. Anaphase II 4. Telophase II IV. Sources of genetic variation in gametes A. Recombination (crossing over at Prophase I)): Fig. 13.11 B. Independent assortment of chromosomes (at Metaphase I): Fig. 13.10 C. Random fertilization of gametes...
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