Chapter 16 DNA structure and replication

Chapter 16 DNA structure and replication - your own) B. How...

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DNA structure and replication (chapter 16) I. Evidence that DNA is the genetic material A. F. Griffeth (1928): Genetic material (probably DNA) can transform bacteria (Fig.  16.2) B. Avery, McCarty and Macleod (1944): only DNA can transform bacteria C. Alfred Hershey and Martha Chase (1952): viral DNA programs bacterial cells (Fig.  16.4) D. Chargaff (1947): DNA is a credible candidate for the genetic material II. Composition and structure of DNA A. Composition (Fig. 16.5) B. Structure (James Watson and Francis Crick--Nature (1953) publication) 1. double-stranded, helical nature (Fig. 16.7, 16.8) 2. anti-parallel nature III. Replication of DNA (S phase of interphase) A. Semi-conservative replication (Meselson and Stahl (late 1950s): Fig. 16.11; read on 
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Unformatted text preview: your own) B. How is replication achieved in Eukaryotes? 1. origins of replication (Fig. 16.12) 2. initiator protein binds to origin site 3. Helicases and single strand binding proteins (Fig. 16.16) 4. DNA polymerases catalyze the addition of nucleotides to nascent (forming) DNA strand 5. Primer (made by primase) required to initiate replication at each origin site and at every Okazaki fragment (Fig. 16.16) 6. Primer removal and replacement by DNA polymerases and ligase joins DNA fragments (Fig. 16.15) 7. Proof-reading/repair enzymes: read pp. 305-306 on your own 8. Ends of chromosomes unusual (Telomeres): read pp. 306-307 on your own...
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Chapter 16 DNA structure and replication - your own) B. How...

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