Chapter 19 gene expression

Chapter 19 gene expression - B. Regulation of transcription...

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Chapter 19: Eukaryotic genomes: gene expression Read pages 359-374 (omit pages 374-381) I. Chromatin structure (concept 19.1, Fig. 19.2) A. Nucleosomes B. Higher levels of packaging 1. 30 nm fiber 2. Looped domains 3. Chromosomes II. Gene expression A. Regulation of chromatin structure 1. Histone modifications (Fig. 19.4) 2. DNA methylation
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Unformatted text preview: B. Regulation of transcription itself 1. Enhancers and specific transcription factors (Fig. 19.5) 2. Combinatorial control of gene activation (Fig. 19.7) C. Post-transcriptional regulation 1. RNA splicing 2. mRNA degradation 3. Initiation of translation 4. Protein processing and protein degradation...
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