Chapter 20 DNA technology

Chapter 20 DNA technology - Perform RFLP analysis 3....

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Chapter 20: DNA technology and Genomics We will not be covering every part of this chapter in detail. Instead, I will be giving you several examples about how DNA technology is currently being used. Please read the specific pages mentioned for each topic. I. Example of RFLP analysis (read page 386 about restriction enzymes; see also Fig. 20.3; Read pages 392-394; Read pages 402-403 and Fig. 20.15) A. Example: Management of Black rhino subspecies found in Africa (Ashley) B. Restriction Fragment Length Polymorphisms (RFLP) 1. Digest DNA with restriction enzymes 2. Why is this useful?
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Unformatted text preview: Perform RFLP analysis 3. Results? II. DNA fingerprinting using Southern Blotting (read pages 392-395; 404-405; see Fig. 20.10) A. Example (Sundberg and Dixon, 1996): EPCs in yellow hammers (a bird) 1. Introduction 2. DNA fingerprinting with Southern Blot 3. Results? III. Recombinant DNA technology: transgenic organisms (Read pages 385-387; Fig. 20.2; 20.4 good; Read page 404, 406) A. Example: insulin B. Other examples/mechanisms IV. Safety and ethical issues surrounding recombinant DNA technologyread pages 407-408 on your own....
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